Manufacturing Support

Manufacturers across the globe share some common ongoing challenges. Like you, they want to optimize operations for maximum productivity, minimal defects, and less downtime.

Take advantage of our in-person assistance to discover ways to improve your operations and fix a variety of processing problems. We provide a full range of diagnostic support: from gating issues and mold wear to capacity constraints and scrap reduction. Our highly skilled technicians bring the expertise and experience you need to solve your toughest challenges.

Our goal is to help you:

  • Increase productivity
  • Streamline material handling
  • Optimize tooling and part design
  • Reduce reject and scrap rates
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction and increase your profitability

Our capabilities and services include:

  • On-site technical consultation and support
  • Technical training for your team
  • Proactive analyses of your operations and efficiencies
  • Part design and tooling drawing consultation

How one Manufacturer Increased Performance and Realized a 50% Increase in Revenues


An outdoor sporting product manufacturer needed to up its game on a sporting accessory, but couldn’t do it alone. The list of needed improvement requirements required assistance with design, material selection and manufacturing. Specifically, the customer needed to improve the part’s dimensional stability and increase end user comfort while also gaining manufacturing efficiencies, included reducing scrap and eliminating the need for fixturing.


Formerra recommended a combination of polymers that improved dimensional stability and increased end user comfort. The customer’s request to improve the manufacturing process was achieved through the integration of the new materials and a manufacturing process analysis. Scrap rate was reduced significantly and the need for fixturing was eliminated.


The redesigned part was half the weight of the original and as a result, the customer was able to realize a 50% increase in sales revenue.