Dow combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate products that will advance towards a more inclusive and sustainable world. As a leading producer of materials such as high-quality polyethylene (PE), Dow uses materials science to help drive world-changing innovation in market segments such as healthcare, rigid packaging, caps & closures, and more. 

Formerra serves as far more than a Dow delivery truck. We provide guidance through your product’s full lifecycle – from design and selection, to logistics, and even manufacturing improvements. With our assistance, your organization can get the resin it needs and have confidence that you’re bringing a valuable product to market.

Formerra is an authorized distributor of Dow materials and Dow High-Pressure Copolymer specialty resins, including:

  • AFFINITY™ polyolefin plastomers
  • APPEEL™ peelable resins
  • ATTANE™ ULDPE copolymers
  • BYNEL™ adhesive resins
  • DOW™ 20 Series
  • ELVALOY™ copolymers
  • ELVAX™ EVA copolymers
  • ENGAGE™ polyolefin elastomers
  • FLEXOMER™ VLDPE resins
  • FUSABOND™ functional polymers
  • HEALTH+™ polymers
  • INFUSE™ olefin block copolymers
  • NUCREL™ acid copolymers
  • RETAIN™ polymer modifiers
  • SURLYN™ ionomers
  • UNIPURGE™ purging compound

Contact our material experts with any questions you have about Dow resins – no matter how big or small.

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