What We Do

You face an untold number of challenges when it comes to keeping your operations running smoothly and without disruption. These efforts range from just-in-time raw material deliveries and reducing cycle times to processing and supply chain management.

Do you need to reduce scrap rate? Optimize designs for lower cycle time? Evaluate your supply chain efficiency? Get guidance on regulatory-compliant materials?

To help you navigate these waters, your polymer supplier should reach beyond getting you the materials you need when you need them. We not only understand this, we’re dedicated to bringing you the exceptional service that means smooth sailing for your business.

How can we do this? Formerra has created an experienced team dedicated to assisting you with design, material selection, processing, manufacturing and supply chain challenges. Together with our comprehensive portfolio of materials and on-time deliveries, we provide:

  • On-site technical support and training
  • Operational analyses
  • Design support throughout product development
  • Regulatory-compliant material support
  • Global supply chain and logistics consulting


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