Find your Material Fit

Design & Distribution Solutions for Industrial Applications 

For manufacturers of industrial products, identifying high performance material for demanding industrial applications is crucial. By selecting from our broad portfolio of industrial polymer solutions, we can help design and produce a full spectrum of industrial applications from material and fluid handling, to commercial appliances. For decades, Formerra has been dedicated to solving your most complex industrial material and supply chain challenges.

Choosing the right materials can also help optimize performance and minimize lead times. Our Formerra team’s expertise in polymeric materials, distribution management, and material colorant and additive selection assistance can keep you innovating ahead of the competition.

At Formerra, we are material, technical and supply chain experts, focused on helping our customers innovate and grow their business.  Whether you’re an OEM or processor, we can engage at any point in your product lifecycle to: 

  • Enhance the performance of your industrial component through design and/or processing
  • Recommend the best-fit materials from a broad portfolio of polymers, colorants and additives
  • Streamline supply chain logistics to increase productivity