In the packaging world, keeping pace with market dynamics is critical. And we are dedicated to solving your most complex packaging material and supply chain challenges, just as we have been doing for over 20 years. 

For applications such as caps, closures and fitments, blow molded bottles or flexible pouches, we can help you pursue your sustainability goals, incorporate high-demand design trends for end-users, and choose the right materials for optimized performance and processing. 

At Formerra, we are engineers. We are field specialists. We are designers. We are color technologists. Whether you’re an OEM or a convertor, we can engage at any point in the packaging development lifecycle, to: 

understand your needs, from barrier properties to chemical resistance and more 

help you align with trends, such as designing for e-commerce or including post-consumer recycle (PCR) content 

recommend best-fit materials from a broad portfolio of polymers, colorants and additives

troubleshoot technical issues, such as warping and flow lines