Polyamides for Top Performance

The name VESTAMID® represents a diverse group of polyamides with unique properties. Evonik achieves these properties through chemical or physical modifications like adding glass fibers, Teflon, or graphite. This approach allows Evonik to fulfill a wide variety of customer needs with a broad range of VESTAMID® grades.

The VESTAMID® line offers exceptional chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, and high dimensional stability, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

Peak of the Pyramid

Transparency Meets Performance

Transparent polyamides that are commonly found usually contain aromatic units that provide high rigidity and heat resistance. By replacing these aromatic components with aliphatic monomers, transparent polyamides with superior UV resistance are achieved. TROGAMID® CX compounds are part of this innovative product category.

Key Material Properties:

  • Exceptional Clarity: Offers lasting transparency with a high transmission rate of 92%
  • Superior Durability: Resists chemicals and stress cracking effectively
  • Dynamic Strength: Exhibits high strength through numerous load cycles
  • Remarkable Toughness: Maintains high toughness, even in low temperatures
  • Resilient to Abrasion and Scratching
  • Minimal Shrinkage: Shows very low isotropic shrinkage

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