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In complex healthcare applications, each design choice can make or break compliance, market entry, and – most importantly – patient and practitioner safety. 

Formerra is a trusted distributor of performance materials for leading healthcare OEMs, offering unique regulatory expertise and an expansive materials portfolio sourced from highly reputable, innovative suppliers. 

Our team of material selection, compliance, and supply chain experts acts as an extension of your team from the earliest design stages, enabling swift market entry of compliant, robust medical products. 

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What Makes the Formerra Experience Good for your Health(care)?

When there’s no room for error and every second counts, healthcare OEMs trust Formerra to help them deliver safe, reliable, industry-leading medical products. Here’s why: 

Comprehensive, Personalized Product Development Support

Our best-in-class team of design and manufacturing engineers provides support from the earliest stages of product development through to assembly. We leverage decades of expertise to help you solve unique healthcare challenges and accelerate time-to-market. 

Product Development Team

Unmatched Regulatory Expertise

The Formerra team is unrivaled in our awareness of the healthcare industry’s uniquely complex regulatory compliance, environmental durability requirements, and design for manufacturability, as well as expertise in REACH compliance. We leverage our knowledge as an extension of your team to simplify documentation and approval processes and get your product to patients and providers faster. 

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Expansive, Pioneering Product Portfolio

Choice of material can be the differentiator between safety and recall. That’s why Formerra’s broad portfolio of performance materials is sourced only from highly recognized, reputable, trusted, and innovative suppliers, and we are consistently ahead of the latest material developments. 

Medical Supplies

Specialists in Supply Chain Navigation and Resources

Our team leverages expertise in global supply chain management and up-to-the-minute materials knowledge to ensure long-term material availability and minimize risk of disruption. 

Medical Supply Manufacturing

Empowering the Next Era of Healthcare: Explore how Formerra materials and services can push these healthcare applications forward.

Auto Injector Drug Delivery Devices Ensure unquestioned reliability and comfortable use of life-saving autoinjectors and other drug delivery devices with rigid and flexible performance materials that resist cracking, retain mechanical integrity after sterilization, improve grip, and more. Explore solutions here. Medical Wearables & Patient Monitoring Medical Wearables & Patient Monitoring The right materials make all the difference when your medical device moves with you. Learn how Formerra can help deliver lightweight, unobtrusive continuous glucose monitors and other wearables that meet skin-contact protocols, withstand harsh conditions, and even meet FDA approval for biocompatibility. surgical robotics Medical Equipment Medical equipment and devices can never falter, despite frequent and rigorous disinfection, exposure to UV rays, repeated impact during use, and more. Trust Formerra to enhance the performance, durability, and ergonomics of medical equipment and surgical robotics with the right advanced flexible and rigid materials. Surgical Instrument - Arthroscope Surgical Instruments Nowhere is robust performance and functional design more important than in surgical instruments. Formerra can assist with optimal ergonomic design and materials that meet rigorous standards for chemical resistance and repeated sterilization. Pipettes Labware & Point-of-Care Diagnostics It is critical that labware and diagnostics perform reliably and accurately. Formerra’s specialized approach to the latest materials, colorants, and additive technologies ensures diagnostic kits and solutions that feature durability, clarity of results, and regulatory compliance. Pharmaceutical & Device Packaging Pharmaceutical & Device Packaging Pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices are only as safe, sterile, and effective as their packaging. Formerra's expertise lies in selecting the most reliable and effective materials that prioritize safety, sterility, protection, and sustainability.

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Considering the stakes and complexities of healthcare applications, offering a broad range of performance materials isn’t enough – we must know the materials are the best the industry has to offer. We are proud to offer solutions from these highly reputable, trusted suppliers in the healthcare space. 

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